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We keep our membership rates as low as possible to encourage all young people to give water sports a go, currently we are only able to offer sailing and this season’s rates are for 2017 are:-

Sailing £147.00/yr

Family Maximum £340.00/yr

We can arrange alternatives to a one off payment, speak to our secretary.

All we ask of potential members is that they are Water Confident and provide their own, suitable, clothing. This does NOT necessarily mean wet suits and wet suit boots. Warm clothing, firm well fitting trainers or deck shoes, and a windproof jacket (cagoule) & trousers are all that is really necessary, certainly during the early stages of sailing. We ask that Mums and Dads help out with the shore based tasks (and perhaps acquire the skills to help out on the water!). These include taking a turn on the Beach Duty Rota (to help with launching & recovery of craft & looking after any youngsters who need to come ashore) as well as helping at the keeping the Centre operating - cutting grass, painting or many of the other little jobs that need doing. Mums and Dads are encouraged to participate as much as possible and we organise Family days for all to join us on the water and look to the adults to assist with vital fund raising.

Membership is open to all young people between the ages of 9 to 18 years on the 31st December of the current membership year

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