A bit of History

In 1977 the Centre was born as a Compound for Youth and School organisations to share.The groups had their own dinghies and worked as autonomous organisations sharing facilities…………..a storage compound, a tap and a shed for changing! From these humble beginnings we have developed through much hard work by countless volunteers and supportive parents, especially during the mid 90’s, saw us expand from a motley collection of dinghies to a Youth Group in our own right, with our own fleet of dinghies and associated safety craft.

We gained charitable status and RYA Recognition during the ‘90’s, a milestone which now meant we are able to award its own certificates within the RYA schemes and have attained the high standards with regard to instruction and safety required of the RYA.

The Jubilee Trust pump primed the original concept and enabled the farsighted founders to create their vision back in 1977. We have been able to attract major funding from various sources as well as raised significant sums with our own efforts. Sport England Lottery Fund and Foundation for Sports and Arts have provided through two major awards of grants the ability of the Centre to purchase new fleets of dinghies for the first time during the late 90’s and early 2000’s. We have also had significant help from the Local Network Fund and Awards for All.

Grants and donations on a regular basis from especially our local authorities have to date enabled the Centre to fund minor capital items such as sails, canoes and essential safety equipment.

Happy 40th AYAC